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SURECALL Case Study – Consumer Goods Industry

Updated: Apr 20


A current partner of SureCall’s in the Consumer Products Industry was expanding its product line through acquisitions of other companies and was expanding its products offerings in the US as well. Their current partner was not providing them with the breadth and depth of services which they required to service their ever-expanding customer base.

“SureCall was recently awarded one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers of 2018. SureCall prides ourselves on “No Box Thinking” and being able to provide customized, unique solutions for our partners!”


They decided to begin a search for a partner that could provide fully outsourced customer support to meet their changing needs. An intensive RFP process proved to showcase that SureCall would be a great partner for this organization and grow with them as required. The main goal of this partnership was to handle all of their consumer inquiries, complaints, recalls, product information and customer support. SureCall’s team began the detailed scripting, design, programming, and product-specific training of our team in order to become an extension of their company.


Shortly after SureCall began taking the calls for this organization, the realization that they needed support from both Email and Social Media as well became quickly clear.

SureCall was able to build the programs to integrate both the Email response and Social Media platform response program to quickly begin supporting these facets of their business.

The other challenge the partner faced was that given their increasing product lines and types of platforms being supported they needed to look for a way to clearly track each product line and source of the information as they were mandated by FDA requirements etc.


SureCall was able to work with the partner to build highly customized reports allowing them to have the ability to track and monitor each of their products and business sectors in great detail with all metrics and measures that they were required to track. These customized reports allowed them to have the finger on the pulse of their ever-growing business.


SureCall is a very innovative and nimble organization that works with our partners to provide highly customized solutions to meet their needs. We understand growth and change in an organization and have the breadth and depth to support any and all of a partners customer service needs. If we don’t have it, we are willing to create it.

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