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No customer or company is the same, so why should your customer service be the same as everyone else? SureCall customizes your customer service processes while simplifying the communication all in one spot.   From phone communication to chat to email, our team will find the best solution for your customer interactions.

Services: Services


Our team at SureCall understands the importance of customer communication with no limits on how they interact with your business. Our Global Omni Solutions offer multiple touchpoints, through integrations of apps, connections to social media, and real-time website communication assistance; your customer is guaranteed a streamlined and world-class experience. Omni Channel makes it possible to manage every digital customer transaction via a single unified desktop. This allows your customers to communicate with you how they want, when they want, delivering an effortless and personalized customer experience every time. Advanced automation and CRM integrations ensure critical customer data is always at your fingertips, and your customers will be taken care of! It‘s all about convenience and Peace of Mind.

  • VOIP Solutions

  • Conversational AI

  • Open API Integrations

  • Social Media Communication

  • Translation Services 

  • Tracking

  • Review Responses 

  • Video Chat

  • Custom Link Payments

Omni Channel Solutions
  • Virtual Receptionist 

  • Reservation & Registration 

  • Warranty Help Desk

  • Customer Service Help Desk

  • Order Entry

  • Food Services & Delivery Processes

  • After Hours Escalation

  • Real Estate Services

  • Online Processing

  • Email Response Services

  • Data Entry & Processing


SureCall offers award-winning multilingual inbound and outbound customer support across multiple channels.  We can provide Tier one and Tier two technical and customer service support, inbound sales and order processing, and outbound Telesales and Telemarketing.  Our full Omni-Channel allows us to service your clients in voice, webchat, email support and social media monitoring. Your customers are your most valuable asset. SureCall's team is here to help ensure all they are taken care of, 24/7/365

Customer Support Services


SureCall offers a wide range of BPO services designed to provide you with an exceptional customer support experience. Outsourcing your Business Processes to SureCall allows you to focus on your core competencies. Let SureCall handle your technical support, customer service, and back-office functions anytime via any channel 24/7/365 days per year. SureCall will customize the best Business Process Optimization solutions to meet your needs. As a leading global outsourcing provider, SureCall makes outsourcing processes easy and seamless. We work hard to understand and exceed your goals and optimize your business performance.

  • Fully Integrated Omni Channel

  • Fulfillment Services

  • Direct Mail Services

  • Invoicing Services

  • Rebate Processing

BPO Services
  • Man Check-in

  • Conferance Calls

  • Bilingual

  • 24/7/365

  • Emergency Response Escalations

  • Calls are Monitored and Logged

  • Global escalation


SureCall Contact Centers will create peace of mind with our extensive experience in Emergency Response  Services and Lone Worker Solutions. Emergencies come at any hour of the day, and efficient handling of emergency calls is crucial to the success of your business and the safety of your team. In the Oil & Gas, energy, and construction industry,  health and safety, and crisis management is paramount, so why not leverage SureCall’s 30+ years of proven industry experience to support your programs.

Emergancy Response
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