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Importance of Social Media Communication

Updated: 2 days ago

Social media has taken the world by storm. There is no doubt that customers, employee applicants and even possible leads will go to all resources available to research, communicate and learn more about your business. Have you ever asked yourself, how will we respond to messages that come? Should we just set it and forget it? Should we spend time and money hiring and training someone to manage this?

Why is it important?

The online presence of an organization has become the forefront in connecting with their customers. Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few, have made it even easier to communicate with the company’s consumers that we deal with every day. This has a large effect on your professional brand and in building long-term relationships with your consumers.

62.5% of consumers say that is their main communication tool when reaching out to a business.

Increase in customer satisfaction

You can now communicate in real time with consumers and even businesses that would previously use traditional means such as email or phone call. By being able to communicate and respond almost instantly, you are already starting to build a personal relationship with the consumer and increasing your customer satisfaction.

1 out of 3 customer complaints on social media still go unanswered

Instantly answer questions and inquiries

Consumers and potential customers are usually looking to social media platforms for instant answers, quotations on service and possibly to relay concerns. By being available to address any inbound messages on social media, your company not only gains recognition, but also provides the service that is crucial to any business.

49% of people who complain about a company on Twitter expect the company to read the complaint.

Bridges a communication gap

A huge benefit to being available and responsive for you customer and consumers is bridging that communication gap. It’s an additional tool that allows a large group of individuals to be able to reach you. It also provides a more interactive experience for your customer which creates a branding opportunity that can usually be missed.

42% of Twitter expect a response within one hour: only 9% of brands deliver.

In addition to satisfying customer expectations for social customer support, integrating social media into the SureCall also delivers benefits through:

  • improved customer experience

  • improved agent experience and efficiency

  • consistent contact center metrics

True omnichannel contact center integration results in a seamless customer experience across all channels. This is critical, given that the average consumer now uses 3 or more channels to resolve customer service issues.

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