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Background Information A partner of SureCall’s created a new medical/dental device that would help people live healthier and more productive lives. This product was a new breakthrough device in the industry that required technical training to utilize. Due to this fact they knew they needed a team in place who could respond to queries and provide troubleshooting. The demand for this product was unknown but planned to be widely distributed throughout Canada and the U.S.

The Beginning The partnership began when the partner realized they needed professional live people to assist 24.7 with their newly growing device distribution. An intensive interview process proved to showcase that SureCall would be a great partner for this organization and grow with them as required. The main goal of this partnership was to assist callers in providing 24.7.365 service with troubleshooting support for utilizing the device. The callers were from dental offices, clinics, and the users of the devices themselves. SureCall’s team began the detailed scripting, design, programming, and training of our team in conjunction with our partner's training program and in house demos on the use of the device. It was essential to our partner that we were able to solve the patient’s issues and provide the level of confidentiality they were looking for.

Growth & Expansion Shortly after SureCall began assisting these partners callers, the partner was in the process of FDA approval. This FDA approval required us as a partner to be in compliance with a Customer Support perspective with all of the FDA guidelines. We went through a full Audit with the partner and their auditors to make sure we were in full compliance with all regulatory requirements in both Canada and the US as the US was a large part of their expansion plans. SureCall understood the urgency behind this matter and worked diligently to create the documents and training necessary for our team on the complexities behind the technical support of this product.

Outcome There were some hurdles that needed to be crossed and some additional training that occurred, but SureCall was able to meet all of the requirements of our partners in a timely fashion and to make sure from a volume perspective we had the team trained to handle be in line with their growth plans and to ensure our partner’s customers were taken care of.

Summary Training on this device has been the key to the success of this partnership. We continually strive to have our team be experts in providing assistance for the use of this device by providing continual refresher and technical training. “At SureCall safety and security of customer’s data and information is top of mind. We are compliant with PIPEDA, FIPA, and FOIP.”

Comment from our partner: “Please extend a Kudos to Felicia. I’m discovering a fantastic trend with her calls, and I believe it requires recognition. Whether the call is 4 mins or 40 mins, she seems to always get the issues resolved and, more importantly to me, demonstrates 3 key traits that I’ve been working on with the agents since my engagement with SureCall:

1.Provides an Empathy and Affirmation statement right away

2.Keeps dead air between herself and the agent at a minimal and always thanks to the patient if she needs to place on hold to gather information

3. After resolution, always asks if there’s anything else the patient needs before disconnecting”

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