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SureCall Case Study - Food Services

Updated: Apr 20

Background Information

A partner of SureCall has a successful franchise restaurant group with a well know name and reputation. This partner wanted to create a consistent exemplary customer experience whether the guests were at the restaurant location or ordering from the comfort of their home. The restaurant's locations were too busy to answer all of the order calls on their own but wanted to maintain a high level of customer service.

The Beginning The partnership began when the partner started exploring options for alleviating some of the volume of calls coming into the restaurant locations for carryout and delivery orders. They realized they were missing a lot of revenue when their staff could not answer the calls. After an RFP process, the partner selected SureCall as the best partner to fill their needs and provide them with the customized solutions they were looking for. The main goal of this partnership was to make sure we were capturing all of the calls come in for carryout and delivery with the same level of service as they would get at the restaurant. SureCall selected a team of agents to handle all of their incoming calls and provide that exceptional customer experience.

Technology and Process Improvement Shortly after SureCall began working with this partner they realized that their order entry platform was not as efficient and user-friendly as they needed. That’s when SureCall worked with the partner to build and create a customized order entry platform that would give them all of the bells and whistles that they needed for any order transaction. SureCall understood the goals and visions of the partner and worked with them to build and create a seamless, integrated order entry platform that would allow them to achieve their most important goal; “an exceptional customer experience”

Outcome This was a collaborative process with our partner that took some innovation and several iterations to ultimately create what we still use today as a back end order entry platform that connects with our platforms as well as the partners.

Summary SureCall worked with this partner to create a customized effective solution that not only provided a consistent level of service for their guests and the restaurant staff but a level of commitment to the franchisees as well.

By integrating over 30 app types, our new Omni-Channel makes it possible to manage every digital customer contact point via a single unified desktop. SureCall's Omni-Channel lets your customers communicate with you in the way that they want, when they want, delivering an effortless and personalized customer experience every time. From Social platforms to web applications, automation, and CRM integrations, your customers will always be taken care of!

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