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Can You Afford To Miss An Opportunity?

Updated: Apr 20

Did you ever miss a client phone call and felt horrible that you missed it? Have you missed out on responding to Social Media messages you did not see? Did you get on the phone right away and call your client back?

Without connecting with customers, a business cannot run and today phone calls along with social media are a more personal way to communicate for all businesses. Email may be a more convenient way of communication but without the initial conversation, how far can email alone really go?

Missing customer inquiries equals missing opportunities. There will always be a phone call or two that gets missed, a social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter that don’t get answered right away. However, regularly missed inquiries will get noticed and that could potentially hurt your business on a much larger scale. Most customers will not even bother reaching out.

Your potential clients will pass along the message that “this company doesn’t even respond to messages and inquires how will they be able to help ours…”, your regular clients will feel as if they are no longer important to your business and will find a company that cares. So why is it so essential to never miss a call or message?

Happy Client = Revenue

Communication, trust and transparency are the key foundations of any business relationship. If you have a solid communication structure with your clients that is open and honest, it will lead to a higher satisfaction rate. High satisfaction and great customer service leads to return business along with referrals and future growth opportunity. It will also lead to good things being said and the great reputation you deserve.

The stats don’t lie!

Statistics show that 80% of consumers will hang up and try the next company if they do not reach a human on the other line. In other words, 80% of your clients that do not get an answer take their business elsewhere! That is an extremely high percentage of sales, revenue and new relationships that could have been yours.

In fact, overall customer service levels are on the decline due to underperformance in this area, with dissatisfaction ratings as high as 90%. Over 80% of new customers that received a busy signal will contact another company instead of calling back and over 95% of new customers whose calls weren’t answered or received a call back instead, would simply go with another company that could assist them immediately. First impressions mean everything.

Your available options?

Efficiency and quality of communication is clearly an important factor to the success and growth of your business. The callers that do call are looking for immediate answers to their questions. They want the great customer service that every company strives for.

Having an effective front-end response for your organization is one way of ensuring your customers and new clients are happy because they get their answers when they need them. Outsourcing and partnering with an expert that has the technology available and award-winning quality to capture those calls whether is it for virtual reception, or 24/7 emergency, technical support, or another application will ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunities that help any business grow and succeed, while providing an amazing customer experience to all your callers!

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