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Like you, our team at SureCall is concerned for the health and well-being of our team, our families, and colleagues; and COVID 19 is having an unprecedented impact on our global economy. As we all work together to contain this virus, please know that the SureCall Team is prepared to support your business through this tumultuous time. With so much uncertainty, and all your time is taken with planning for business continuity and mitigating lost business, it’s hard to focus on the future and how to ensure your company will sustain through the next few months. COVID19 has hit the world by storm and your business still needs to remain open, even virtually, your customers will need to get a hold of you, and you need to ensure your employees are safe. Here are a few things to prepare for when transitioning to a remote worker model:

- Employee safety; first and foremost: ensure there is a designated personal or department to ensure they can update you with any changes in their health and well being

- Customers: Your customers will have questions and still may need to speak to someone at the office regardless if someone is there or not

- Emergency communication line: any changes within your organization, Technical issues with working remotely or company escalation. This will help your team stay on the same page even if they are not in the office

SureCall is here to support you in any way you need, whether it is ensuring your office has connectivity while your team moves to a remote work environment, or emergency communication services and procedure planning. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for any assistance or short-term services to support your business.

SureCall will be hosting a free webinar on the Top 5 Challenges for the home worker. Join us to ensure your team is prepared for any requirements when transitioning to working from home. Click here to RSVP

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