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Global Omni Solutions

VOIP Solutions

If you want to provide gold standard service, connecting your customers to the best people on the phone is a recipe for success. You can rely on SureCall to provide ultra-reliable and flexible voice solutions that deliver an awe-inspiring customer experience. VoIP with awesome quality for person-to-person dialogue at a much more affordable rate than conventional voice solutions. 

Conversational AI

Our Conversational AI will handle all but the most complex queries, allowing you to leverage AI where it makes sense; scheduling customer calls, considering the client ambassador's availability. Reducing wait times, prioritizing by urgency, and seamlessly hands off to SureCall client ambassadors. Our Conversational AI knows how to ask for help when it needs it so you can be confident that your customers are in safe hands!

Open API Integrations

  Our integrations fill 2 main needs. First, is data-driven decision making before a contact is delivered to a CA. Secondly, our integrations automate tasks for client ambassadors, providing the most relevant data from your CRM and helping the client ambassadors to provide a streamlined experience while shortening average handling times.

Review Responses

Major app store providers like Apple App and Google Play are critical when it comes to monitoring for comments and feedback left by your customers. Our AppStore Review allows SureCall to connect all your application reviews to our system and monitor your reviews directly. Then we can act on these with your direction, engaging with your customers proactively and leaving them feeling listened to and cared for.

Video Chat

Face-to-face communication is still one of the best ways to connect with clients. SureCall’s video chat app allows your customers and our client ambassadors to see and hear each other directly from a browser or mobile phone. It delivers audio and video with just about any device without the installation of any plugins, and offers the ability to record calls and take screenshots during the chat!

Social Media Communication

Customers love Social Media, they use it to share information about themselves, and more importantly about their experiences with organizations, both good and bad. If you are not engaging with your customers over social media, you are most definitely missing a key area of opportunity. SureCall will manage all your social media streams, ensure you’re on top of your client's concerns and promoting your most valuable products and services. 

Translation Services

Rather than more costly solutions with a translator, SureCall is working towards full AI translation integration. The solution is super-easy to use for customers and client ambassadors alike. When the caller or client ambassadors speak, our translation engine listens and recognizes what is being said, and translates in real-time. The translation engine then relays this to the other party in their native language, creating a seamless experience to your customers. You speak English, I speak Spanish, but you hear me in Spanish, and I hear you in English, just so fancy!


Data is everything today, and our tracking feature tracks all customer activities on your website and the various apps installed on it, such as chat, using a specific embed code. This enables our client ambassadors to have an accurate trail of all activities that your customer has completed. This application also offers advanced automation and can send client ambassadors alerts accordingly, so they can respond to customer needs. 

Custom Link Payments

SureCall's custom link payments allow us to process PCI compliant card payments with your customers across any channel with both live client ambassadors and using automated AI. Keeping your customer’s payment details safe and secure.

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