I am fighting this feeling… the one that is watching the months go from Winter to Spring and soon from Spring to Summer, knowing that we are under house arrest to the invisible enemy, COVID-19. The days grow longer, the sun shines brighter, and every moment I am hoping for this miracle vaccine that many determined organizations are working on. While hope springs eternal, I think we have to look at the possibilities outside the obvious. Like the possibility, they may not be able to create an appropriate vaccine… and then what?

Drilling back to the root cause of this pandemic, we cannot fixate on whether this was caused by any of the popular but non-factual, stories out there. This was not caused by someone eating a bat, this was also not created by China for biological warfare and then accidentally released on their own people. All these obscure ideas around the ‘how’, does not allow us to focus on the ‘why, and what next’. The ‘why’ – why is this still going on? Well, it’s completely our own doing, people continue to ignore the guidelines of social distancing, not realizing that this short-term pain, is for long term benefits. What are a few months in our lives if we can contain this virus?

What I find most interesting is the ‘what next’. Someone said to me the other day, this is not the “new normal”, we are about to experience the “Next Normal” and that resonated with me. Think about things beyond the next Netflix movie, or father daughter post on Instagram, how will we behave going forward? Life after COVID-19 may look and feel very different and it may be a lasting change. For example, have you gotten used to groceries being delivered to your door-step, buying your favorite work out gear on-line, working from home and having meetings on Zoom? Many people will not resume their old habits, and some companies will not go back to the way they used to operate. How will our social behaviours change? Will we ever shake hands with strangers again, will wearing a mask become a permanent requirement with airlines, what about other public transportation, and Uber rides? I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop washing my hands 20 times a day… we are in for a very interesting “Next Normal”!

Stay Safe,


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