A Word From Desiree - April 2019

For five years now I have been writing about Spring and new beginnings when it comes to the April edition. But this year I want to challenge you more – rather than talk about new beginnings, let’s talk about how far we’ve come! We often forget to think about all the amazing things we have overcome, experienced, and learned from, in order to get to where we are at this point and time in our lives. And we also forget to be grateful to all those who helped us get there along the way.

In my journal that I write in every morning and every evening, it asks me to specifically write down the 3 things I am grateful for, and in the evening the three great things that happened to me today. It really pushes me to be positive and focus on how fortunate I really am. No matter the circumstances of the day I can always find something good to write down. It doesn’t have to be much more than “I am grateful it will be sunny and warm today” or “a great thing that happened today was I had time for a coffee” These are small everyday things we often take for granted, when we think about people who live in desperate conditions and war-torn countries, that are scared to leave the house, never mind afford to stop for a coffee.

This spring I am most grateful for the team here at SureCall and the work you have done to get through some tremendous growth, we are all going hard and the leadership team are doing everything we can to make your journey one of success and individual satisfaction. Take a couple of minutes today just to think about something in your life that you can be thankful for, and maybe tonight before you go to bed, reflect on the best things that happened to you. I promise you will have a much better sleep.

Warm regards


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